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“This L.A.-based singer’s blend of honeyed vocals and slow-moving dance grooves recalls Desiree (especially on the motivational “Get Myself Up”). But producer Rocky Grisez also incorporates the looped guitars and subtle rhythms of Dallas Austin’s TLC work, making compelling tracks out of familiar building blocks (“Will You”). “Possibility,” incorporating a horn into the airy mix, is a jazzy gem. She and Grisez have hit on a winning formula… Bonus points for shouting out in the CD booklet. (DBW)”

David B Wilson (DBW), WilsonandAlroy

“Captivating and breezy vocals, stylish beats and a delivery that shows a personality all her own. She is simply the sultry, soulful Amiena.”

Slash Music, BBC Channel 4

“Right Here is a simple love affair with music. Amiena will take you there with luscious harmonies and funky beats. It is a personal journey since Amiena co wrote eight of the songs. Her emotion is real; you feel every word she sings. Her style is unique. She blends her culture into her style. An amazing arranger and stylist, Amiena gives you something you can feel.”

Taxi Music

“Graham Cracker Houses makes my hair stand up in a good way. Beautiful lyrics, soulful delivery and perfect arrangement. Captivating and sellable. This song is fantastic.”

Robert Valdaic, Taxi Music

“You ever long for a heavy dose of soulful syrup? ‘Right Here’ gives a heaping helping of jazz, funk, soul, blues and a touch of rock to make the back of your throat itch for more. Sultry vocals, catchy melodies, soulful vocals and, solid musicianship make this album a hit. The overall package, a solid gold. Amiena is beautiful and her music is too.”

Yves Jacob, commercial songwriter/producer

Amiena’s lyrics take us on a RIDE through heartache, love, passion, childhood memories, and, hardships. Amiena’s style takes you away to the land of dreams. Her smooth voice, exotic looks and unique style are only a part of this beautiful jewel just waiting to be discovered.”

Radio Kemonia Web Radio, Napoli, Italy

“Little Miss Perfect is a wonderful song! Amiena shows her independence and comfort with who she is. The CD as a whole is a collection of wonderfully written thoughts. Amiena shows truly how life evolves and, how her thoughts become songs that we, the listener, can relate too. The arrangement, the production and Amiena’s talent in singing and delivery leave me looking forward to hearing more!”

Patrick McGreevy, IAC Music

“Amiena has put together an album that is beautiful and really rocks at the same time! Her voice is gorgeous: she shows power and skill in using it. Her melodies are memorable and danceable, her lyrics, very personal and heartfelt. She deserves the awards she is getting!”

Janice Mastin-Kamps, Times

“A stroll down the path of loving memories and exploring dreams! “Right Here” is a wonderful piece of Amiena – expressive, soulful, real feelings, real emotions. Inspiring!”

Alessandro Galati, VVJ, Blue Gleam, Double Stroke, RCA Victor -Firenze, Italy

“Amiena’s voice evokes emotions that sometimes become dormant with time and life experiences. Her style, energy and beauty just compliment the package and make it complete!”

Oliver Louvel, Artist, Paris, France

“Beautiful voice, wonderful lyrics and the music…very well put together and greatly composed, I love it. It’s different, it’s catchy and it is filled with emotion from start to finish!”

Arinando, Brazil

“A wonderful collection of original songs. Amiena is so sweet she gives me Goosebumps.”

Haakon Graf & Projects, Los Angeles, California

Graham Cracker Houses – “Soulful vocal delivery, positive, tender and loving lyrics. Wonderful performance, refreshing memory imagery, autobiographical component to the lyric is a great touch. The wonderful details lend shape to this! Very very good vocals… Overall, a favorite!”

Clint McBay, Director of A&R, Taxi



‘Right Here’ – 2006

  • 16th Annual LA Music Awards winner: Soul R& B Album of the Year; ‘Right Here’;
  • 2006 Female Vocalist of the Year ~ New Jazz for Fourth Floor;
  • International Independent Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2006;
  • 2006 Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year for Independent Artist for the song Graham Cracker Houses
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